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Are you wondering what travel will be like after the coronavirus has settled down? We all are! The constantly changing situation means it’s hard to know what the future holds. While it’s not wise (or even possible) to travel right now, there will come a time when it’s safe to hit the road again. And that will be good.

Travel is a meaningful part of modern life, it teaches us about the world and ourselves. It connects us with our beautiful planet, its people and its places. Thinking about travel and planning a trip also gives us things to look forward to, which boosts happiness.

So what will travel be like in this new era? Here we look at six key factors you need to be aware of when your first trip is on the horizon.

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1. Some travel aspects will be different

When you next travel, some things will be exactly the same, while others will be different. Some hotels, restaurants or museums might be closed, which is why it’s important to know what to expect in advance. Tours may be a little different from usual too; at Boat Bike Tours we’re adjusting itineraries to avoid busy places and finding creative solutions for life on board our ships. There will also be silver linings: some places will be calmer and more authentic.


2. In the long term: Plan ahead for flexible offers and good deals

When you feel comfortable about traveling further afield, you can make tentative plans to book a bigger trip. It might be for late 2020, or any time in 2021 or beyond. Research and plan ahead to get the trip you want. Some travel forms such as outdoor travel in nature will be more popular, so if they interest you then act early.

You might have less to spend, so look for offers where you can save money. Get in touch with travel companies to see what’s possible. Also look for flexibility. Some travel companies (such as ourselves) have lowered the deposit amount, so you have more flexibility when reserving a tour.

3. Choose nature over crowded cities

When you next travel it will be important to avoid crowds and busy public spaces. Boat bike tours are great (even if we do say so ourselves) because they take you into the countryside every day. You’re in nature breathing fresh air, with stops at small towns along the way. Nature and space have always been good for one’s health, but in times like this they really lift the spirits.

4. Keep health and safety in mind while traveling

A stronger sense of health and safety will also be a new part of your travel experience. Cleaning and hygiene are important, and it looks like social distancing requirements will be in place for some time. So look for destinations and tour operators that help you stay safe. On our tours you don’t need to move hotel rooms, so you won’t need to worry about different cleaning standards at each location. We are closely complying with government safety regulations in the countries where we operate tours, and have therefore introduced several new health and safety measures.

5. Enjoy travel planning

Even though we can’t travel yet, we can still indulge in some wanderlust at home. The travel planning process offers its own enjoyments as you learn about a destination. After all, half the pleasure of a trip is the anticipation! Travel research can also help take your mind off things or make you feel less anxious. Bask in daydreams about the things you’ll do. When you finally get there, you will have earnt it!

6. Don’t hesitate to get travel advice

If in doubt, give a shout. Remember that we’re here for you and if you have any questions you can always contact us or see our coronavirus FAQ page.

We can’t wait to welcome our guests back on board. Until then, we’ll continue to keep you informed on our coronavirus update page. Stay safe and until next time!


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