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Do you know the feeling when you’ve been on vacation for a few days, but it actually feels like a week or more? The days are rich with new experiences and your mind is full of fresh memories and impressions. Small is beautiful too!

That’s why, with our short tours, we make it easy for you to dive into a mini adventure of just a few days. Discover all our four- or five-night short trips here:

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A full dose of spring

From ‘A’ for Amsterdam to ‘Z’ for Zaanse Schans: let yourself be seduced by a short but intense romance with the Dutch spring! On our Five-Day Tulip Tour, you can experience Holland at its most beautiful, when the colorful flower fields are in bloom. Let the green landscape pass you by on your hotel ship, stroll through the picturesque alleys of Haarlem, cycle past the most beautiful tulip fields and visit the most famous tulip garden in the world.

Once across Flanders, please!

The northern part of Belgium is perfect for a boat and bike trip, and you can see a lot even in just four days. On our Tour from Bruges to Antwerp, you’ll cycle through idyllic river landscapes, cruise on your hotel ship along romantic rivers and canals, and visit two of Belgium’s most beautiful cities. On the way, you should definitely stop at one (or more!) of Belgium’s quaint cafes and enjoy one of their hundreds of local beers.

Holland’s Highlights: Between the North Sea and IJsselmeer

Cycle through dunes and along IJsselmeer lake, stroll around the original fishing village of Marken, explore the cosmopolitan city of Amsterdam and take a trip to the open-air museum of Zaanse Schans: Holland is that versatile! On this Five-Day Taste of Holland Tour through the province of North Holland, you’ll experience more than some travelers see in three weeks! And all without any stress or hectic rush. Your hotel ship will take you to the starting point of your daily cycling tours, we’ve already selected the best routes for you and when you return in the evening with a hungry stomach, a delicious three-course menu will be waiting for you. Now that sounds like a vacation!

Heading south!

On this Tour from Amsterdam to Antwerp, a different highlight awaits you every day: vibrant cities like Amsterdam, Utrecht and Antwerp, cycling routes through the picturesque river valleys of the Lek and Vecht, the vast landscape of Zeeland and the famous historic windmills of Kinderdijk. In the evening, you can relax on your comfortable hotel ship and share the day’s experiences over a drink with your travel companions.

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