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Home of the fairytale, Germany is both familiar and fantastical at the same time, with so many beautiful places to discover. Whether you’re enjoying some wanderlust planning a future trip or you’re ready to travel in Europe this season, we have some wonderful inspiration: the enchanting river valleys of Germany!

1. The warm welcome

Spend the day exploring verdant landscapes by bike before returning to your hotel ship each evening. With their comfortable interiors, attention to detail and devoted tour leaders and crew, our unique river cruise ships, such as the authentic Flora and the Allure, will be your welcoming home for the week.

With our small, manageable travel groups, it’s easy for guests to start conversations, get to know fellow travelers and to sometimes even form life-long friendships! For us at Boat Bike Tours, a welcoming and personal atmosphere is a key ingredient for a successful trip.

2. The best views

The landscapes along the Moselle, Saar, Rhine and Neckar rivers are some of Germany’s finest. Meandering past gracious hills, dramatic slopes and historic landscapes, your hotel ship provides a box seat from which you can enjoy the spectacle in peace and quiet. Get a drink, settle comfortably on the sun deck and watch the scenery pass by!

And while you can observe these special surroundings from a distance on the ship, you’ll also be able to immerse yourself daily in the same landscapes, their moods and smells, as you explore by bike. You’ll be surprised by how much richer the experience is compared to driving!

3. The relaxed cycling

The bike routes along the rivers of Central Germany are among the most beautiful in the country. And they’re so easy to ride! This is not just thanks to their careful design, maintenance and signposting. They also lead along almost exclusively flat riverbank terrain. Of course, if you’ve had a hearty breakfast and you feel like it, you can always take a detour into the hills!

4. The fairytale scenery

Historic market squares with half-timbered houses, rustic wine taverns and imposing castles on rugged slopes: this is the land in which the Brothers Grimm set their stories. A prime example is the old town of Saarburg, which has a spectacular waterfall in its center. This hilly region also bears the mark of the Ancient Romans with many architectural monuments in Germany’s oldest city, Trier. Here you can admire the famous Porta Nigra and the impressive Kaiserthermen imperial baths. Or choose a tour along the Middle Rhine Valley to encounter the legendary Lorelei rock of folklore.

5. The wine scene

If you’re traveling the Rhine and Moselle then there’s no avoiding the topic of wine. You’re in the midst of one of Germany’s top wine-growing regions! See for yourself how the famous Riesling grows along the Moselle and visit the great wine cellars on the Rhine and Neckar. It’s a special experience hearing a winegrower describe the craft with all his heart and soul. You’ll gain new insights and taste special wines right where they’re produced. What a delight!

Our best tours through Germany’s river landscapes

Which journey best matches your travel fantasy? Here’s our selection:

Moselle & Saar: From Koblenz to Saarburg (or vice versa)

The Moselle and Saar wind their way through hilly landscapes from one historical setting to another. Atop slopes blanketed with vineyards sit imposing castles and historic fortresses. On this tour you’ll travel through a new part of this magical area each day. Visit towns steeped in history, enjoy the unique cultural landscape and sample the special wines from this sun-drenched corner of Germany.

From Koblenz to Merzig (or vice versa)

The peaceful little sisters of the Rhine, the Moselle and Saar rivers flow from one picturesque village to another, offering unsurpassed views of castles high on hills, stone-clad fortresses, picture-perfect wineries and much, much more. Come and see for yourself by bike and aboard the fine ship Flora.

Moselle & Saar: from Cochem to Metz (or vice versa)

This gourmet tour starts in the romantic Moselle Valley. We follow the course of the fairytale Moselle through Germany, Luxembourg and France. From the boat you’ll enjoy unobstructed panoramic views of the picturesque valley hillsides. By bike you’ll make forays into this historical landscape where ancient Romans left their trace. Visit intriguing cultural monuments, picturesque hamlets and taste this region’s world-famous Riesling wines at one of the local winemakers.

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