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19 May 2019

Kris Green

A friend of mine & I coordinated a trip from 5-4 to 5-11 (Amsterdam to Brugge) about 2 dozen of us from the great State of Michigan were on Fluvius for the week. The weather was not the best yet we preserved and made the best of each day. Grateful the weather person was wrong most days. Bring rain pants, rain coat and a positive attitude and you will be good to go. Yes more sun and warmer temps would have been nice. We went prepared to bike – enjoy the sites, nature and history of area. I was not disappointed one bit. Plenty of wildlife, fields, historically sites, fresh strawberries,bike museum, wooden escalators. ( the list was endless and being near water so peaceful) The crew extended great hospitality. We had the chance to mingle with them and enjoy getting to know each of them as well. Meals, well each morning you were able to choose from two entrees for dinner. The evening meals were four course. Fresh, hot and nice presentation. Breakfast had many options and this is when you packed your lunch for your day trip. Small yogurts to go for lunch would have been nice. Available a few mornings not entire week. Our cabins were larger than I anticipated and met our needs. I did wash a few items and plenty of space to hang a travel clothesline. Appreciated them being energy conscience- you could opt out of new towels each day. Beds were comfortable. Safe inside room so you could lock valuables. We were in the lower deck and able to enjoy the water out our window half the time. Split docking side throughout week. Pannier bags which easily attacked to your bike was generous in size ( app. 6” x 10” x 13”) easily attached on and off. As our week showed rain everyday we could take or wear rain pants, rain coat and adequate layers without any problems. Bikes were very comfortable- great seat, shocks and easy to use locks. I wish our tour guide took us through the wind mills rather than on the road yet this wouldn’t stop me from recommending. The captain shared his love for the country on 4-5-19 when there was a memorial service and 2 minutes of silence. ( very touching, a time to reflect on all those that have serviced in war or lost their lives.) Live entertainment was on the boat one evening – nice change. Perhaps due to our questionable weather. Felt safe and secure in boat. Riding with the group or going on your own are doable. Fantastic maps. Walking tour by one of the guides in the arrival town was nice bonus. We had two large groups and two from Cali & two from Canada. What a joy to meet other people and get to laugh, ride and mingle with them. Everyone was pleasant and welcoming. Make sure you bring bike clothing with padding. At the end of the day you will be glad you did. Beds were comfortable. One of our group requested lactose free and another vegetarian. To my knowledge both were happy with alternatives. One needed distilled water for C Pap machine and very accommodating. This was my type of vacation – accommodations, food, crew and activities were awesome. Some individual chose not to ride which worked out fine for them. Rain or shine, I went and had a great day. I rode on my own with a small group 3 of the six days. The variety was nice. The groups were on the large size yet don’t have suggestions unless a third guide was added.

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