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The boat that was my home for a week of…

8 Sep 2019

Tamara Searle

The boat that was my home for a week of boat/bike tour from Passau, Germany to Vienna, Austria, broke! The name of the boat that broke was called Arlene ll. So we had to hotel hop, pack and unpack our bag every day. It was hassle, stressful and made for a totally different trip. Our guide for the week was absent and not available for the entire week. We did not have daily briefings. We missed a lot of details, sights and previously scheduled events due to the confusion of hotel hopping, no briefing communication. Every hotel we stayed at served pork and potatoes for dinner, same meal for a week. It was unfortunate. I know it was not boat/bike fault for the boat breaking. A back up boat would of been a great option to have available to still experience what we all paid for. The Danube tour will always have a “hitch” in my memory. If your boat works, I am sure you will have a fabulous time!!

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