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We thoroughly enjoyed our Tour

10 May 2023

Beverly Suderman

We thoroughly enjoyed our Tour! The food was excellent, the cabin was comfortable, and the bikes were great. We enjoyed our tour leaders, and especially appreciated their introduction to the biking rules of the road before starting out. The problems we encountered were relatively minor, but I offer my observations in the hopes of being constructive: 1. The breakfast service was challenging because the space was small and everyone wanted breakfast at the last possible moment. I found that the ship staff didn’t monitor the food very well, and most days some people went without because of the crush of people. 2. One day when I was riding, I developed problems with my bicycle. The tour leader did not appear to be in a position to assist me. Her advice was to keep riding, and maybe somebody could help me at the boat. That day we rode 43 km, under difficult wind conditions, and the issue came up prior to the mid-point of the day, so this was a disappointing response. Fortunately one of the members of the group was able to help me. I am not sure that the company has a procedure for when someone cannot finish the day of biking, unless they have a serious accident (for example), which one of our tour members did. (She was in a different group from me, so I cannot comment on the procedure.) 3. There was a lack of clarity about the optional canal tour in Amsterdam. In other tours I have done, there has clearly been free time when someone could take advantage of this, either by themselves or in a group. So I bought it (along with paying for the other tour costs), but when I arrived at the boat, there was no time in the schedule when it was really convenient to do the tour. Had I known that, I wouldn’t have bothered. 4. There was little to no creation of a temporary community on-board ship. On the first evening, when the leaders and the crew were being introduced, it might have been appropriate to have each participant also introduce themselves quickly.

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