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Make yourself comfortable and book a hotel room near the harbor prior to your trip. You can then board at your convenience from the hotel. Alternatively, stay the night in a hotel after your Boat Bike Tours holiday, so the next day you can start your journey home well rested.

Hotelboat Fiep in the center of Amsterdam
If you are searching for a unique accommodation in Amsterdam, one of the options is to book a cabin on the Fiep, one of the comfortable Boat Bike Tours ships in the center of the city. The Fiep is a cosy, comfortable ship with 10 twin cabins and 2 single cabins with private facilities and air conditioning. Mooring location is close to the central station in the harbor Oosterdok.

Adapting to the Corona-virus
The owner has taken all necessary steps to enable a safe stay like extra hygiene measures and physical distancing measures. You can check availability here:

Hotels in Amsterdam and other cities
For other hotels in Amsterdam and hotels in other cities, you can use the link below. This is a link to an external (third party) website, recommended by Boat Bike Tours. Boat Bike Tours is not the executive party for hotel bookings through this link.

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