Valet Parking Amsterdam

Embarking on a boat bike tour means leaving your worries behind. If you’re arriving for one of our tours by car then you can start your carefree experience immediately thanks to the CentralParking valet service.

With this parking service, you can drive directly to your ship’s departure dock. Arrange a drop-off time in advance and a CentralParking valet driver will be waiting to help you with your luggage. Your valet will then drive your car to a secure garage where it will be parked under 24/7 camera surveillance.

Set a pick-up time with CentralParking for your return and your car will be ready and waiting for you when the ship arrives, so you can set out on the road immediately.

The benefits of valet parking service

• No waiting or loss of time
• No carrying heavy suitcases
• You’re immediately at your destination without public transport or taxi
• Your car will be safe and monitored
• Peace of mind with qualified reliable drivers with a certificate of good conduct
• CentralParking‘s valet service is often cheaper than public parking in Amsterdam

How much does the valet service cost?

For just € 120 (5 days) or € 150 (8 days) your car is parked for a week in a secure parking spot, including pickup and return of your vehicle (by pre-booking). If you decide to book this service on the day your tour begins, the price for valet parking is € 130 / € 160 (only possible if your tour start and ends in Amsterdam).

Tour departing from Amsterdam and arriving in Bruges or Maastricht

If your tour ends in Bruges or Maastricht and you don’t want to travel back by train with your own bikes, can also take your car to the docking place in Bruges or Maastricht. You then book the normal valet parking service for 8 days (150€, see above) + the transfer of your car (250€). You need to book this in advance.
At the end of your tour, will make sure that the driver with your car is at the relevant docking place between approx. 9 and 10 am.

Valet Parking by CentralParking is an external (third party) service, recommended by Boat Bike Tours. Boat Bike Tours is not the executive party for valet parking services through this link. Have you already booked a tour and would you like to use the valet parking service of CentralParking? You can register and book via our valet parking form.



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