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When it comes to immersing yourself in the wonder of Dutch tulip fields, we all know of the spectacular destination of Keukenhof. With seven million bulbs on display each spring, it’s one of the world’s largest flower gardens.

But there are many other magical hidden hotspots that are often overlooked. In this blog we take a peek at four corners of the Netherlands where floral magic happens.

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1. The living bulb archive

Hortus Bulborum is a foundation that manages a unique collection of tulips, narcissus and hyacinths. Based in the North Holland town of Limmen, near Alkmaar, their garden is the only place in the world where you can actually see the historical varieties of flowers that snatched the hearts and wallets of the Dutch in the 16th century. You can visit Hortus Bulborum on our 8-day Tulip Tour, Premium Tulip Tour or Sail & Bike Tulip tour.

2. An ocean of flowers

The Dutch province of Flevoland, a region created in the 20th century from reclaimed sea and wetlands, has one of the largest open tulip-growing areas. Four meters below sea level, you can take a dive into an ocean of flowers. With 5,000 hectares of color, it is one of the biggest flower-growing regions in the Netherlands. And each April and May, the Tulpenroute Flevoland winds through the area with spectacular flower-viewing routes that you can follow by bike, car or on foot.

3. The blooming coastline

Beautiful bulb fields also lie behind the North Sea dunes along the coastline of The Hague and Leiden, and running all the way up to Den Helder in North Holland. As some of these fields sit alongside train tracks, they turn the springtime commute into a festive color show. More stunning fields are located near the historic harbor town of Enkhuizen on IJsselmeer Lake. How do we get to Enkhuizen, you wonder? With a Sail & Bike Tulip tour, of course!

4. Where the wild things are

Did you know that there are 50 shades of violet out here? If you’re not sure what we’re talking about, then you haven’t seen the Dutch heathlands in bloom! This purple mist is just as enchanting as the blossoming of lavender in Provence. Think of vast swathes of heather bursting with tiny purple flowers near the Dutch coast or in forests.

If you take our Northern Tour of Holland, or explore the Veluwe moorlands on our Hansa Highlights Tour in August and September, the you’ll have a good chance of cycling through a majestic sea of blooming heather.

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Has all this talk of tulips given you an appetite for flower fields? Then take a look at our tulip tours where you can get your fix cycling through these memorable landscapes. Or if you’re not sure, take our fun and quick Dream Tour quiz to see if you’re more into windmills, the Dutch masters or cheese tasting.


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