At Boat Bike Tours we make it easy for guests who want to travel in their own “private bubble”. You can charter a whole ship with a group of friends and family, and enjoy new adventures together. With us it’s not only possible to book your bubble and receive a discount, but you can also adjust a tour to suit your needs or preferences.

Curious to know more? Read on to discover all about the perks of booking your own travel bubble for your next tour.

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1. Uninterrupted quality time with the people you love

We know how important it is to have quality time with the people you’re closest to, especially in stressful times. With our charter options, you can book a whole ship with a group of 20 people more. Or with a group of at least 12 friends, you can create a private bubble on an existing tour. You could have a family reunion with your siblings and their families, go away with your cycle buddies, or even celebrate a special occasion like a birthday or wedding on board.

2. Steering your own course

The beauty of chartering your own ship is that you can adapt any of our existing tours to your own desires, or even make up a completely new one! If you’re a group of nature lovers you can plan a trip that takes you into spectacular nature reserves, and scenic parts of the countryside. If you’re mainly interested in culture then we’ll make sure to visit as many historic cities as possible. And if you’re into the good life and just want to take it easy and sample delicious wine and cheese then that can be arranged too. Whatever your interests, your captain and tour advisors will work with you to create a special program tailored to your group.

3. Bicycles and beyond

We regularly host cycle clubs from all over the world who charter a boat so they can explore new terrain together. But there’s also plenty of space to explore other interests on board. For example, we have a ukelele club who regularly charters a ship, strumming harmoniously together on deck as the ship meanders along the waterways. Others enjoy doing yoga and incorporating other wellness elements on board. Whatever your passion, we’ll work with you to build a tour where you can make it happen.

4. Leave the washing up to someone else

We know how much effort it can take to organize logistics on a group holiday. Questions like who’s doing the washing up, and how to arrange dinner can end up dominating your trip. We’d rather you spend your holiday thinking about the important things, like whether to have a gin and tonic in the sun or relax in the hot tub. That’s why our expert staff takes all the planning and logistics out of your hands. We make sure your cabins are perfectly turned down every day, your e-bike is charged, and delicious three-course meals await you on your return from a day of adventuring. That means you can focus on the the things that really matter, like having fun together.

5. Travel with confidence

Your safety, as well as the safety of our employees and partners, is our top priority. Boat Bike Tours has been a leader in the Dutch travel industry, working closely with the health authorities to implement new physical distancing and cleaning measures on all of our tours. Our tours this season have shown that we can provide fun-filled, relaxed cruises without compromising on safety. All groups are led by an experienced tour leader who provides local knowledge and safety recommendations.

6. Enjoy special group discounts

If you book a tour in a group of 12 travelers or more, your group will get a discount of 6% on the tour fee. This is combinable with other promotions. What’s more, you’ll be able to change the composition of the group or rebook your trip at no extra cost up to 6 months before the departure date. If you’re not allowed to travel to the Netherlands, then you will be able to change your tour date for free any time before departure.

Are you inspired to start planning your own tour?

At Boat Bike Tours you can charter your own ship and receive a group discount to make the tour even more affordable. Read about all the details of “booking your bubble” here, or sign up for our 6-part e-mail charter tour course.


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