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Use and Liability of Rental (E-) Bikes

Optional package: limitation of liability for damage to and loss of rental bicycles and e-bikes

Terms of use

For the duration of your cycling cruise you can rent a regular bicycle or an e-bike, whereby the use of a pannier bag is included. As long as the (e-) bike is not on deck of the vessel during the rental period, you are responsible and liable for your rental bicycle plus accessories. This means, amongst other things, that you should always lock your bicycle when you park it on land and that you always take your pannier bag with you.

It is of great importance that you always take notice of the instructions given by the tour leader where and how to park your bike. In case of damage to or theft of the bike, the costs will be charged to you.

Optional package: Limitation of liability damage and loss

For tours, for which Boat Bike Tours is the organizing tour operator**, we offer you an optional limitation of liability for damage and loss of your rented bicycle or e-bike. This package includes:

  • In case of theft of a properly locked bicycle, you are not liable for the loss/cost of the stolen bicycle, as long as you can present the original key of the lock as proof;
  • In case of a breakdown, technical failure or flat tire during your tour – but only after you have called and spoken to your tour leader – you can arrange the repair at a local bicycle shop (fietsenmaker). After presenting the receipt, repair costs will be reimbursed;
  • In case of damage, no cost for repair will be charged, except when this is a result of your own deliberate or neglectful acting;
  • When – as a result of a breakdown, technical failure or damage during your cycling tour – you cannot continue your cycling tour with this bicycle, and after you have spoken with your tour leader, you can safely store and lock the bicycle and travel to your ship by public transportation (if not available: by taxi). After arrival on board travel costs will be reimbursed;
  • If necessary and applicable, you can use another bicycle/e-bike for the remaining days of the tour at no extra costs.

If you rent a bike/e-bike on board one of our premium ships, this package is already included in the bike rental.

**: These arrangements solely apply to and are valid for bicycles and E-bikes that have been rented from Boat Bike Tours. For tours, for which Boat Bike Tours is not the organizing tour operator (but the intermediary), and another partner company is the organizing tour operator, other arrangements may apply.

Please note: For safety reasons, it is not allowed to use the rental (e-) bikes for self-arranged rides in Amsterdam: in these cases, the limitation of liability does not apply.

For details, possibilities and prices of this package, please refer to the description of the cycling cruise of your choice.