Pre-departure update

Safety on board, rules, health and more.

Update: 25 March 2021

A safe and pleasant tour

It is great that we can now enjoy traveling again! We still must be careful though and take the necessary additional health and safety measures, because not everything is back to normal yet. We have implemented extensive hygiene measures on board to make your journey safe, but very enjoyable. If your trip is imminent, the following information is important to you.

Corona Covid-19 Protocol

All the necessary measures that are taken on board and all the rules that apply to make your stay as safe and pleasant as possible can be found here: Corona Covid-19 protocol

Official rules

Current travel information about the coronavirus in the Netherlands can be found (in English) on the website of the Dutch government, on the special website of the Netherlands Board of Tourism, or on the websites of your government and its health authorities. If you are traveling to or through countries other than (only) the Netherlands, please also visit the official government websites of these countries. Each guest is always responsible for ensuring that he / she knows and follows the officially established rules that apply to entry and exit as well as to travel to and through the destination area.

Questionnaire about your state of health

Currently there is not yet a uniform, internationally recognized certificate that certifies vaccination status, immunity or a current negative Covid test. Therefore, Boat Bike Tours uses a short questionnaire as a health check to check-in for its tours. Here you can find a checklist health status prescribed by the government regarding your current health condition that you must complete before check-in on board.
Can you please print this questionnaire (one copy for each guest) and make sure that all people in your travel group complete it no more than 12 hours before arriving on board? We are asking all crew and guests to fill in this compulsory form so that, if there is a health issue, the health authorities can handle and track it in a responsible way. A crew member will collect the questionnaires when you check in. It will be kept safe, in compliance with EU privacy legislation, and destroyed 14 days after your tour has ended.

Special measures for travel to Belgium

Anyone entering Belgium from abroad and wishing to stay there for more than 48 hours must complete a so-called “Passenger Locator Form” within 48 hours prior to entry. This can be done in advance online on the website of the Belgian health authorities: You will need a mobile phone and must have access to your e-mail during your tour. If you are unable to complete the form online before departure, you can do so when checking in on board.

Do I have to wear a face mask?

Face masks must currently be worn in all countries in which Boat Bike Tours is operating in all publicly accessible buildings and indoor spaces, such as shops and shopping centers, airports, train and bus stations, cafes, restaurants, museums and other sights, as well as in all public transport (including taxis). Masks are also compulsory on ferries in the Netherlands and Belgium (which we use on bike rides). In general, you are also required to wear a mask if you cannot keep the minimum distance of 1.5 meters (1.0 meters in France) to other people outside your household.
We recommend that you bring your own face masks, as these are not available on board.

Getting to the ship

If you are traveling to the Netherlands, Belgium or France by plane or international train, and continue to the ship by local public transport (bus, tram, metro) please know that you must use a face mask. Also keep in mind that you can almost always only pay with debit or credit card (no cash) and have to buy your ticket in advance (at the station or at a ticket machine) If you take a taxi to travel from the airport or train station to the ship’s docking location, please be aware that a limited number of guests can travel in a taxi and the driver will ask you to wear a face mask during the ride.

Checking in

When you arrive at your ship, please follow instructions from the crew at check-in: always keep a safe distance of 1.5 meters (6 feet) from others. Unfortunately, the crew cannot assist with carrying your luggage as they would normally do, because corona measures prevent direct contacts. We are sorry that we cannot offer this service and we hope you understand.

And then: it is time to relax and enjoy. Really!

We are confident that – despite and thanks to these additional measures – we can offer you a safe, but above all beautiful and relaxed journey with great bike tours, interesting encounters, delicious meals, good service and unforgettable memories. Our crew members and tour guides cannot wait to welcome you on board!